TRLC Girls 3rd & 4th Teams

Girls 3rd & 4th Grade Teams

Girls G34

Coaches: XXXX, YYYYY


Practice Schedule: XXX, XXXX YYYpm to ZZZpm

Practice starts March 1, 2019 - Players: Be on the field, fully dressed by practice start time.

This team will typically practice two or three nites during the week plus some Saturdays and Sundays before games begin.  Once games begin, practices will be held two or three nites per week and games will typically be held AWAY on Saturdays and HOME on Sundays.  The season will run from March to June.

The team will play competitive games and will travel to locations in Ocean, Monmouth and Mercer Counties.

Besides lacrosse gear each child should bring the 3 essentials:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Cup
  • Water


** REMEMBER: It's a Spring sport, so lots of rain. Guess what? Rain does not stop Lacrosse players. We play/practice in the rain, but will cancel for lightning due to safety issues. Nylon jackets/windbreakers etc. are the best top layer for rainy conditions. Remember to wear layers, so adjustments can be made based on the temperature. Cleats (with laces tied) are a must.