TRLC Code of Conduct

The Toms River Lacrosse Club (TRLAC) has the goal of educating its participating youth in the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, leadership and teamwork through the teaching and supervision of the game of lacrosse.

In order to carry out the goals of TRLAC and to keep all participants focused on the recreational and educational nature of the game, TRLAC has adopted the following policy:

Players and parents are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that “Honors the Game” at all times.

A player may be benched or suspended from play, at the discretion of a TRLAX coach or official, for any unsportsmanlike conduct, including, but not limited to the following behavior:

  • Using obscene or foul language in a boisterous manner to anyone, especially opposing players, coaches and officials
  • Openly disputing or arguing about any decision by an official
  • Using excessive physical force on or off the playing field
  • Trash talking or baiting other players
  • Defacing or damaging the buildings, grounds or equipment at any playing or practice field, home or away

TRLAC encourages parents to support their players and teams. Parents are expected to refrain from “coaching” from the sidelines. This includes engaging in discussions or arguments with any coach or official during practices and/or games. Should there be a concern about the way a game is being coached; parents are to talk to the coach privately off the field. This is generally the fastest means to a resolution. We ask that parents abide by the 24-hour rule, and bring any conflict issues to the coach’s attention after waiting 24-hours. If parents are not satisfied with the coach’s response to concerns, they are to contact an official of the TRLAC to discuss the concerns. Please remember that the coaches are unpaid volunteers.

If a TRLAC participant (parent or player) is viewed as having breached the Code of Conduct based on the judgment of other participants, a 3 member committee (President, Vice president, Girls/Boys director) will consider the situation and provide a ruling that may include a suspension of the participant from TRLAC events for the remainder of the season.