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Player Equipment Guide

Equipment for Boys’ and Men’s Lacrosse The Crosse: The crosse (lacrosse stick) is made of wood, laminated wood or synthetic material, with a shaped net pocket at the end. The crosse must be an overall length of 40 – 42 inches for attackmen and midfielders, or 52 – 72 inches for defensemen. The head of…

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Sixteen Lacrosse Defense Tips to Shut Down Your Opponent

By One Stop Lacrosse 07/12/18   How is your defensive game? Do attackers with quick feet blow by you? Are you losing time on the field because you just can not seem to be effective enough in the back? Defense is tremendously hard. It seems like in any sport you play, whether it’s lacrosse or not, playing…

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The Role of Parents

By Karin Corbett, US Lacrosse 10/08/18 Student-athletes must take ownership of their development and game. By blaming outside influences, what does that teach your child? I have been coaching for many years and the level of parental involvement has changed drastically. Today, coaches coach at the college level for the same reasons they have always coached: the love…

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TRLC By Laws

Toms River Lacrosse Club By-Laws   Download Current TRLC ByLaws Here!  

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